Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The one in which I have a great idea that almost gets my husband killed

Since Ben was given the clear to go into riding rehab, and I was contemplating adding a new horsie to the string, I had what I thought was a flash-of-lighting-brilliant idea.

I have a wonderful, supportive husband who loves horses. I have a big pony in need of a slow buildup of rides. I love it when a plan comes together!

fat guy Genius

So, we talk, and both agree that rehab time would be perfect for A (husband in question) to get into riding more regularly.

We pick an evening and head out. The arena is pretty busy, with people and jumps. But, Benny likes having company so I wasn’t too worried.

I hopped on him first and did some walking and trotting. All seemed well. So, I passed the reins over. A took a few loops around the arena, picked up a trot and kept circling around the outside of the arena.

Then, it happened. The watering hose was hanging against the wall, which was unusual. A’s foot got caught in it. He shook it out, but then the host swung out and hit Bentley in the bum. Bentley, not appreciating being attacked by a giant snake, let out two huuuuge bucks. I don’t think anyone could have stuck it. I had one mystified onlooker tell me later she had no idea Ben was that athletic. A decided to bail off the back when presented with the option of jump standard or wall. 

He was conscious (thank you helmet), but was slow to get off the ground. An ambulance ride, copious amounts of morphine, an x-ray and a cat scan later revealed it to be a soft tissue injury in his lower back.

While we were relieved it wasn't a break (or worse), it is taking an incredibly long time to heal. It happened in June, and A is still feeling the effects.

Sigh. Perhaps not so genius. Luckily A and Ben are still best buddies. Ben was terrified, and wouldn’t go down that side of the arena for three rides after that. A is hoping to be back in the saddle soon. 

Looking innocent last fall

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